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One of the largest manufactures in India. D.K. Trivedi Marbles Pvt. Lid, oller i mind-boggling variety of colours and designs to satisfy the most vivid imagination. So that the magnificence of stone may touch your life. And 50 that 50 years of history may speak of your taste & individuality. Choose from DK Trivedi Marble Pvt. Ltd. a multitude of breathtaking colors and beautiful designs. Marbles and Granite can satisfy the most vivid imagination of the most discerning connoisseur.

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Stone is a part of the growth of civilization and a means of some of the man’s noblest expressions. The Mughals era was the golden period in the history of Indian art, craft, and culture. Thu Mughals not only invaded India and ruled it but also brought with them a rich heritage, which they had acquired, from Parsia They introduced new techniques like inlay work, glass engraving, carpet Weaving, brocades, enameling etc.

We have a team of highly skilled and expert craftsmen who have worked on a number of International Projects and segments. Practicing the art from ages, our craftsmen are specialized in Skulls and techniques, which they have learnt from their ancestors.

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